Staff Spotlight: Ms. Reed

In my fourth hour class Digital Journalism, my teacher assigned me to interview any staff member or teacher at my school. I decided to interview the anatomy teacher, Ms. Reed, in room 204.

When I arrived, I knocked on her door and asked her for permission to interview her for the Northwest High newspaper article and she was very excited. She nicely invited me in, and I began to ask her some serious questions and fun questions.

I learned that this is her first year working at Northwest High School, and her future goal is to continue being a teacher and influence her students.

The reason why she became an anatomy teacher is because she wanted to learn more about the human body and how it works. This is very important to her because she feels like it’s very important to know and learn about how it processes.

Lastly, I asked her about her strengths and weaknesses. She told me one of her strengths is teaching because she wants her students to feel like she’s there for them and that she cares about them and their situations. She said her weaknesses is being too nice. She feels like she might allow her students to do certain things because she doesn’t want to be mean or make things awkward towards them.

When I finished asking her some serious questions, I decided to ask her some fun questions. Whie doing this, I learned that she went to a college called Southwestern University in a small town in Kansas and that she played volleyball there. Then, I asked her what she would do with a million dollars, and she told me she would put money into education and make sure her children had their college tuition paid for.

Southwestern University Campus (courtesy of

That was all the things that I learned from my future teacher. I want to thank her for the interview!