Smiles, Pies, and High-Fives at the Northwest Pep Rally!

Mr. Hallaert

On December 9th, 2022, Northwest threw its first pep rally in years inside the school’s gymnasium.

MC’d by Cashmir Clark, the school was led through events and cheers that brought us all together as a team. Cash introduced each guest and hyped the crowd up with her energy as she brought us from event to event.

Dr. Jackson was one of the first guests that was introduced, and she began by throwing in some friendly competition between the classes. The goal was to see which year had the most “pep.” Seniors won that particular event, awarding them the Spirit Stick!

Then, our cheer squad at the school performed a routine and showed us their skills by hyping the crowd up with chants.

Next, our swimming, basketball, and wrestling coaches joined us on the gym floor for a Winter Sports coach-mummification competition, where the students attempted to try and wrap the coaches in toilet paper and see which team could do it the quickest and most efficient. Then, the crowd voted on which coach was the best wrapped, with Coach Perry being crowned the champion.

After all that was completed, each coach got a whipped-cream pie jammed into their faces. That got a huge eruption of applause from the crowd.

Finally, our coaches ended the day with a few words of encouragement for their teams, as well as a call-to-action for the crowd to come out and support the Huskies as loudly and proudly as they can.

Overall, the return of pep rallies here at Northwest was a success, and it seems like most of the school is looking forward to our next pep-filled outing!

Go Huskies!