Coach Crouch’s Take on Upcoming Basketball Season

With Northwest basketball approaching, we sat down with Coach Crouch to ask him about the upcoming season.


Today, we talked to coach Crouch about what the goals were for the season. He said that he didn’t want the players to compare themselves to other teams. We asked him his plans on achieving their goals this season and he said, “senior leadership” was important.

Coach Crouch, Northwest Basketball Coach. (Austin Sanders)

We also asked him how he feels about the newcomers this year. He told us, “This new group of freshmen are very talented.” He also brought up a freshman named Tyler Vaughns. He said Tyler was one of the best newcomers he’s noticed so far.

Tyler Vaughns, a promising freshman on the Northwest basketball team. (Willie Hussey (4D))

Later into the interview we asked him if there were some things he was worried about for the upcoming season. Coach Crouch said, “Butts in seats. We want people to jump up and cheer when we walk in or when we score points.”

Overall, this basketball season is looking exciting for Northwest. Let’s go out, put our “butts in seats”, and support our team this season!