Staff Spotlight: Ms. Hickman

Timmy Thompson Jr.

Ms. Hickman is a freshman math teacher at Northwest High School, she says that she’s been teaching here at Northwest for 5 ½ years.

I asked her why she became a math teacher, and she said that she loves helping people and loves seeing people believe in themselves.

When I asked if she has any pets, she said that she has 3 cats. They’re both lovable and annoying, according to her.

Another thing I asked was what hobbies she did as a teenager, and she said that she liked to play guitar, train her dog, red and play basketball.

The last thing I asked her was “What was college like, and what did you do?” She said that “College will be different than you think, in the good and the bad. I enjoyed college because I got to meet professors that were passionate about their classes, and because of the friends that I got to work with.”

Interviewing Mrs. Hickman was interesting because I learned things about her that I didn’t know, like that she played the guitar. That was a really cool detail I learned.

Thank you for the interview, Ms. Hickman!