Staff Spotlight: Ms. Musgrave

Willie Hussey (4D)

I interviewed Ms. Musgrave for my staff spotlight assignment. I chose her because she is currently my favorite teacher and she proved this by being able to talk to me about real life things. The interview included two fun questions and three serious questions.

My first question was “What made you want to teach high school?” She responded with saying, “I wanted to help kids learn.” She was really excited when she said it which made me as the interviewer feel as if she really does enjoy the job and what she does to help to help her students.

Later into the interview, I asked her a very good question, which was: “How do you put up with these students of yours?” She gave the response of: “build relationships.” Me, as one of her students, I feel this was one of the best answers she could have given. This is mainly because me and Ms. Musgrave have a good student and teacher vibe going on.

Another question I asked during the interview was if she has any pets, such as dogs or cats or anything. She told me “No.” She didn’t really have much to say about this question, but when she said that it kind of made me sad in a way, because I think everyone needs a pet.

One of my favorite questions I asked was “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” I just thought this question was a really funny question to ask, but surprisingly she responded with “Yes.” She didn’t say why she said this, but she just started to shake her head with a smile.

The final question in this interview was “What is your favorite TV show or movie to watch?” She responded with a show named “The Crown.” When she said that, I followed with the question of “Why?” and she responded with: “It’s just a good show.” She didn’t go into detail about it because we didn’t have time to finish.

This was my interview with Ms. Musgrave on of the best math teachers at Northwest High school. I want to thank her for helping me with my interview and being a perfect teacher.