Staff Spotlight: Mr. Kimminau


Jeremy Freeman Jr.

Mr. Kimminau and myself.

Jeremy Freeman Jr.

On November 7th, 2022, I interviewed Mr. Kimminau. I wanted everyone to get to know Mr. Kimminau because he has lots of energy and is an incredibly good teacher. I also wanted to get to know him more than just a teacher. So, I asked him a couple questions about himself.

He is one of the longest working teachers we have had at Northwest. He has been working at Northwest for 17-18 years and teaching altogether for 27-28 years since 1996.

I asked Mr. Kimminau “What is your daily routine as a teacher?” He gets all his work and assignments together for the week in advance (unless he must cover other classes, which messes him up for the week).

As we were talking, he also told me that he has a wife and 2 sons, both in college, and how he comes from a family of 6 (with him being the youngest).

As the conversation kept going, he told me about his favorite moment of his 12th birthday, and his answer made me think of my childhood. “My sister made me my favorite cake, and I got the best gift a little boy could want at my age”.

Finally, I asked my last question, which was if there was another job he wanted to do, and why he became a teacher. Just as most people, he did, but they did not fit him, and everyone told him he should be a teacher.

I have learned more about Mr. Kimminau than I thought I would, his exceedingly kind, loud and funny good things you to become a good teacher. And I hope everyone can have him as a teacher.