Staff Spotlight: Ms. Nieland


Couresty of Ms. Nieland

Ms. Nieland and May Ra Say!

Adia Beasley

The person I decided to interview is Ms. Nieland, our school’s librarian.

I chose her because I feel like she doesn’t enough recognition for the work she does as our librarian.

Ms. Nieland has been working at Northwest for the past threyears but has been teaching for twenty-five.

Her favorite part being an educator is being able to see her students’ growth throughout the years.

She said she doesn’t a favorite music genre and that she tends to listen to a little bit of everything, although she prefers upbeat music while working.

I asked Ms. Nieland what she values most in life and I really liked her response. She said, “My family. My children bring me a lot of joy, and I love being around them.” 

One of her hidden talents is that she’s a great cook and baker.

Although Ms. Nieland is one of the most upbeat staff members here at Northwest, she herself has had a few hardships. One of the hardest things she has ever been through is losing her mother, stating “My mother was my best friend. She was the person I went to for advice and guidance.” Ms. Nieland says that losing her mother made her realize how quickly things can change, and that made her appreciate every day that she’s alive.

Ms. Nieland is great librarian and she’s amazing at her job. Thank you for allowing me to interview you Ms. Nieland!