Staff Spotlight: Ms. Wilkins


Ca'Nia McCreary

Ms. Wilkins standing proud.

Ca'Nia McCreary

Today is Monday November 7, 2022. My name is Ca’Nia McCreary, and I interviewed the staff member here at Northwest Mrs. Wilkins. I interviewed her because she’s new to the school and an amazing woman to talk to.

She’s been to Northwest twice. Once when she first started teaching in 2001, and now in 2022. Here’s how my interview went with Ms. Wilkins:

I first asked her, “What makes you enjoy being a teacher?” She told me, “I like seeing students’ growth and working with the youth helping them gain skills to have a bright future.”

My next question was, “If you could be any animal what it would be? Why?” Ms. Wilkins said she would be a bear because “they’re powerful and protective.”

When I asked her to tell me about her family she said, “I have four children and seven beautiful grandchildren. Not a day has passed since I became a mother that we don’t talk or tell each other we love each other. We greet each other with a hug. I enjoy my family.”

Next, I asked her what her favorite family recipe was. She said, “I have a lot of them. I’m a southern girl so we cook. It depends on the time of year but I’m going to go with stewed okra with shrimp, sausage, chicken, and diced tomatoes over rice.”

Finally, I finished the interview by asking her, “What are you most grateful for in life?” Her answer was, “Being able to wake up every day seeing that everything is working and being able to see the sun. Life in general because people take it for granted. With that mindset no matter what I’m going through I still have something to be grateful for.”

I’ve learned that Ms. Wilkins is a family-oriented woman and keeps a positive outlook on life. She wants nothing but the best for her students and community. We are lucky to have her back at Northwest because she’s an outstanding teacher. Thank you for the interview, Ms. Wilkins!