What do Northwest students really think about our school?

On October 18,2022 we went out into the hallway so that we could interview some Northwest students about the school. Our questions were: “What event would you like to see happen at Northwest?”, “What is something you enjoy about Northwest?”, and “What is one thing you want to change about the school?”

What event would you like to see happen at Northwest?

For our first question, Terrius Howard said that he would like to see more charity events happen here at Northwest. Leah Johnson said that more school activities and/or field trips would be very fun. Many others, such as Sunny Strong, Collyn Smith-Jones, and Azavion Cox all said that they would like to see more sport related events such as boys’ volleyball, lacrosse, and a teacher vs student basketball event. Niashya Townsell and Jordyn Johnson both want activities and events that are more interactive with students, such as pep rallies.  


Niashya Townsell. Picture taken by Sher Mu Ku.


What is something you enjoy about Northwest?

For our second question many of our interviewees enjoyed having their friends here at school. One of our interviewees, Hei Na, said that she enjoyed having Ms. Hickman here at school as her math teacher. Some of our other interviewees also said that they liked the sports here, whether they’re playing or going to watch games.  

Cynthia Mu interviewing Sunny Strong. Picture taken by Sher Mu Ku.

What is one thing you want to change about the school?

For our final question, many students said that they are fed up with the excessive amount of fire drills that have been happening and stated that they want the alleged use of vapes in the bathrooms to end. Alex Rodriguez told us about how cold and hot different parts of the building were, he wanted to change the temperatures to be more manageable. Collyn Smith-Jones wanted more people to join the football team. Niashya Townsell said that she wanted better sports jerseys for all the Northwest Sports, and for the building to get a new makeover.  

Jordyn Johnson. Picture taken by Sher Mu Ku.


Today, we learned a lot about our Northwest student body. It seems like many of them want to have more school-related activities to attend, and that sports are a big part of our culture here at Northwest. That said, we have students that enjoy their friends, their teachers, and their sports. Like any school, Northwest has things that they can work on. Today we’ve learned so much about our wonderful high school!

Article edited by Mr. Hallaert.