Staff Spotlight: Ms. Remington


Mr. Hallaert

Ms. Remi as Adam Sandler for Adam Sandler Day!

Eh Lee Moo Hswe

My name is Ehleemoo Hswe and I go to Northwest High School.

For this “Staff Spotlight” assignment, I went to go interview Ms. Remington, my English teacher. The reason I picked Ms. Remi is because she has been one of my favorite teachers since last year. I had her as my English teacher during my sophomore year.

She has been working at Northwest for two years, but she has been teaching in general for 10 years. Three of those years were as an elementary teacher and seven have been as a high school teacher.

My first question I asked her was, “What made you want to become a teacher?” She said she liked being able to connect with young scholars.

For my second question, I asked, “What’s your favorite vacation place you been to and why?” She told me she liked New York because you can do anything there.

My third question was “Why’d you pick Northwest to teach at?” I learned that, for her, it was one of the smaller OPS schools. She also told me she liked the demographics of the school.

Next, she told me that for the upcoming Thanksgiving break she is going to Hawaii for five days with her family.

My final question was, “What is your favorite part about teaching at Northwest?” She told me her favorite part was the students and getting to know the different cultures here. 

Thank you for the interview, Ms. Remington!